Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life


February 2017

​You pause before sharing your thoughts, both light or dark ;think twice about asking for help and finally decide against it. You bottle up everything you feel, for it seems to be the right thing to do. And I made... Continue Reading →


Miserable bouts of grief; Sad truths of Depression

I cannot breathe as my grief caves into my chest and despair flows out of me continuously, I collapse, weak. I know I have fallen hard…bruised, wounded and heart filled to the brim with emotions…wondering if I shall always be... Continue Reading →

Wise are those who are able to respect the existence of conflicting truths, and to differentiate them from lies. -Wisdom / By Anjana (Feb 25, 2017)

I wonder why I smelled the ocean, so blue; in my unfurled brown locks; realizing when I my toes swam in the cool yellow sand, I overlooked the rainbow of the moment, like the most part of my monochromatic life.... Continue Reading →

Toils of Life

Sifting through the items at my fingertips I waltz over to the cashier to pay for my item which has now faded in my memory. In contrary I remember with acute clarity, the greying hairs, sticking out softly against his... Continue Reading →

Regret of an ignorant past

I wish I had let my pen bleed through our love’s euphoria, for it would have brewed beautiful magic with poetry potent enough to implode stars. -Regret of an ignorant past / By Anjana (Feb 20,2017)

Hidden beneath those glimmering eyes is a universe with infinite galaxies of passionate chaos I desire to dive into. - Unravel your soul to me/ By Anjana ( Feb 19, 2017)

My heart aches at the sight of those dark circle ridden eyes that speaks of the blood, sweat and tears you have shed; and in return I have nothing but a vapor of a promise; for in time when we... Continue Reading →

Why does the girl in the mirror look so sad? What does she want? What is she missing? Is it a “Who”? Is it the voice in her head?

Her first thoughts: Empathy - Mere understanding. Mainly from her inner circle; which now, only consisted of her best friend and her man. It is vital to her. She is a people loving person, or maybe she was. She will... Continue Reading →

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