Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life


November 2016

Shades of brown….

The lids are soft and wrinkled at the end, opens like the blossom of rose petals, soft touch yet, much softer inside. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, and if this divinity is just a window,... Continue Reading →


This is all I need for the return of my peaceful slumber…

There was a certain uncertainty to the situations around me. I was constantly fidgeting without knowing why. My mind was a disarray of things unknown, situations tumbling towards outside the comfort zone. Everything was chaos. The control freak in me... Continue Reading →

Elusiveness of peace. Solely mine. – Inner monologue ranting- Self help for my depression

There is hidden pain in my actions, my words. The heavens, my pillows, my walls know that I’ve tried to reign in all, All of that anger, disappointment, frustration, and sadness, from leaking out of my bones. I hoped time... Continue Reading →

Gone is my comfort……….

Into this world, you carried me, my newborn lungs heaved in your arms, my tiny, tender limbs, flailing, pink. As I choked on the amniotic fluid in my lungs, you held me close to your bosom, to your heart, forming... Continue Reading →

My Vows

I promise to cuddle before sleeping every night with you. I promise to never go to bed angry with each other, ever. I promise I would never touch a puppy except Coochipoo ever. I promise to soothe you when you... Continue Reading →

My circle of love

Symbolism was something; I wasn’t fond of very much before. It was just a symbol, a representation of something. But not the actual thing. And I wondered why people gave so much importance to something non-existential. And then I fell... Continue Reading →

The distance makes the heart grow fonder…….

It has been 4 months and 10 days since the last time I laid eyes on you. Your face glowing, your twinkling eyes encircled by dark circles of sleep deprivation, smiles you gave me, a few. Four days after our... Continue Reading →

Not all rainbows and sparkles…

Anger comes to me every time and at the smallest snaps, I am irritated. But is a rarity for him. Always patient to my never ending rants, tantrums and bouts of jealousy, he is my float when I am drowning.... Continue Reading →

Provocations and Reactions.

- You receive in all forms, from everywhere, from all angles. - Its horrible to hear them, infuriates you, and the most tempting way to react is to lash back - I know it’s difficult to control, I know it’s... Continue Reading →

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