Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life


January 2017

It seems to me, that our time together is so far away in the uncertain future and with the present tearing us apart; clutching onto our memories, we live in our past. -Memories are all we have left ,together /... Continue Reading →


The gloom now draped around me, I am tucked in, cozily among the pits of my heart. I have found comfort in Sadness. -We find comfort in the constants / By Anjana (Jan 28, 2017)           

She then shed her clothes; shielding imperfect realities, to reveal galaxies glistening away on their own, with streaks of madness that refracted through her eyes.She was beautiful. -Discovery of intoxication by vodka with a hint of vanilla / By Anjana... Continue Reading →

Would I have been winked at by strangers, if you had been walking beside me, in this cold night? Would I be eve teased ,if you were holding my hand ? Is it my anger towards the malice of patriarchy... Continue Reading →

Tear stained pillows ,muffling my cries , knows the depth of my lonely heart and the measure I miss you every single night ,when you never did nor will. - You have no idea how much I miss you / Anjana (... Continue Reading →

You leave your mark on me, in the wake of your fingers trailing through the patterns on my skin, and through your touch, I have become yours. -Become yours / Anjana

I wish you understood my poems, and knew the meanings hidden in my cryptic words; as I have poured to you my soul in my poetry; all of it, even the broken pieces. -Poetry of my soul / By Anjana... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Roses…

Hustling through the crowd, I fling my heavy bag burdened on my shoulder, onto my bus seat, and as I try to reach my spot, I hear my name on the lips of the crowd; a kid at the far... Continue Reading →

The Uncertainty Principle.

Life so far has been a concoction of surprises, familial discord, and aimlessness, with a sprinkle of laughter on the pieces of a healing heart. They say make lemonade with the lemons, but what you do when it hands you... Continue Reading →

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