Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life



How powerful can the written word be ? Powerful enough to move mountains and to break winds. Powerful enough to cut our tongues and shape our sins .


  Creator :- she is called as her ache bring upon rains With thunderstorms in her hair and lighting in her veins Destroyer :- she is called as hurricanes are born from her wrath , But she is the most... Continue Reading →

I will always wonder how you managed to cut me open with the barbed wires of my own walls, And with the bruises you paint over my skin , black, blue and purple, how could you stand so proud and... Continue Reading →

How depression is shamed for being a first world problem.

I am slowly losing myself , draining grains of sand into the waves of darkness lapping up on the shores of my life. My habits are changing, and so are my sources of comfort. In between the pages of books... Continue Reading →

And when the darkness in your chest devours you whole , you fervently pray for the day you shall find sweet release of the soul from all the pain within. -And that day will come / October 20th 2017

Midnight Musings

Our greatest and the most singular instinct is self-preservation. In today's world it may not be as physical as it was before, but all of us in these concrete jungles , strive for our own survival.When someone close to you... Continue Reading →

I have tasted the sting of loneliness in the back of my tongue with your hand entwined in my own; the aftertaste of which, broke my soul more often than when I was alone. -Lonely in your company/ By Anjana... Continue Reading →

A self deceived mind, tired bones, and a shattered heart makes the world outside seem like a trap , your hopes draining. As scary as it seems, baby you are just starting and its a such sad thing to feel... Continue Reading →

When constant wars are raged inside your head and war-cries echoes through your soul; you catch yourself wishing you could feel nothing; that you could finally feel numb.   -Numb /By Anjana (15-Aug-2017)

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