Life so far has been a concoction of surprises, familial discord, and aimlessness, with a sprinkle of laughter on the pieces of a healing heart.

They say make lemonade with the lemons, but what you do when it hands you a potato which looks like an apple and tastes like a bitter gourd.

Endowed with insecurities, abundant, a little splurge on rage, and a sufficient spread of rationality, I wonder of it all.

The meaning, my aim my goals, or the lack thereof; of life, the way it is has treated me, grateful for a few and resentment of some for the long haul.

Of my current coordinates on the map I am truly thankful, in extending an arm of my character mound, serving me an ample amount of the world, external.

Resistance to the shards strewn on my path, I am slowly building, through all those disappointments, heartbreaks and wraths, infernal.

A colossal transformation awaits me on my journey, long and far, for fate I hope , favors me with a vial of luck,

But fear of mishaps, so common, I keep away from hope to prevent the usual shattering of my forlorn dreams.

Anxiety has claimed me for now; slight as it is, pushing me to brace myself from the drama that would entail my future, strewn apart at the seams.

The uncertainty of it all raises the hair on my spine, for the responsibility involves different perspectives, for mine alone will not be estimated.

For the result cannot be predicted, I am unable to calm my tingling instincts, all hyperactive and weird, as all of it is much awaited.