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Hues of the UAE skies

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Despite it all

You were the fire ; bright and burning;Despite the cautions and the pleading warnings, I followed into your flames, blinded by your light; Despite the bruises , and my aching heart , for you I fight ;Unable to look away,... Continue Reading →


Dissociation of my mind

Train of thought / stimulus of dissociation A lone hand working on its own Eyes drooping to an oblivious darkness -peaceful Lungs exhausted-stringing out all the air in A heart -worn-torn-weary-beating away into the bleak consciousness A lone wind blows-... Continue Reading →

Volatile Darkness

Invisible triggers stir the darkness asleep within the cages of my mind, and the softness I hold dear turns tough. A long lost broken heart lashes out , spouting spikes dripping with the blood of those who loved; of those... Continue Reading →


Breath caught in your lungs fuel tired bones pushing against the walls closing over you . When everything turns pitch black you clamber to reach out for a strand of hope or a few. And you try to outrun the... Continue Reading →

Faith can move mountains

The world now stands blotched in the blood dripping from the souls of faith, Painted on the vast,beating conscience; the brushes wielded by hearts of hate. And in their sanctums of worship , lies their innocent bones buried in dust... Continue Reading →

Drowning in the chaotic misery that is my heart; dilapidated, shattered , misused : they call it art. Still beating ,despite the cracks, the splinters or the botched tape, I wonder ; will it let the light in or my... Continue Reading →

As white hot pain pulsated through my veins I wondered of heartbreaks ; of madness and of the sane. And as slowly the colors of my life went up in smoke, the ink flowing through my fingers, of barren emotions... Continue Reading →

And when the scream does not reach your tongue and instead gets choked in your lungs What do you do ? And when the dreams turn into the nightmares where your bones are too tired to run What do you... Continue Reading →

How powerful can the written word be ? Powerful enough to move mountains and to break winds. Powerful enough to cut our tongues and shape our sins .

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