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October 2016

The breeze that blew me away…

Sometimes I wonder what it is all about. In the first few months of being exposed to the Indian way of life, to which I was sentenced three years (college term), I headed on thinking that my foundations and feminist... Continue Reading →


Tips for people who feel lost

I have gone through depression, more recently than not , and feel lost in my life every once in a while. I am reaching out to everyone out there, who feels like they have lost all meaning and purpose of... Continue Reading →

Hues of the UAE skies

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Passing lives….

The moon was full, so bright, illuminated the dark sky, outshining all the street lamps and city lights. The necklace of buildings, strung together, with windows of precious stones, from inside, shining yellow and white . Forevermore, were there cars... Continue Reading →

You! For all Eternity

Who are you and what have you done to me. What you did was to undo me, like unfurling a long lost secret scroll, all dusty and moth eaten, just like my frontal lobe. You evoked in me, feelings I... Continue Reading →

The memory of my ruffling pages…..

I was a bookworm. Always have been. I loved the smell of those yellowed crusty pages of a new (or a never opened) book. I used to find solace, vanishing into the depths of the story within the book and have also gone as far as fantasizing about certain characters (adolescence-hormones-god knows what not) and imagining about how I would react if I ended up in that story. It was my foremost means of escapism, when the real world turned bitter. My books where my best friends when [Read more…]

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