Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life




Breath caught in your lungs fuel tired bones pushing against the walls closing over you . When everything turns pitch black you clamber to reach out for a strand of hope or a few. And you try to outrun the... Continue Reading →


Faith can move mountains

The world now stands blotched in the blood dripping from the souls of faith, Painted on the vast,beating conscience; the brushes wielded by hearts of hate. And in their sanctums of worship , lies their innocent bones buried in dust... Continue Reading →

Drowning in the chaotic misery that is my heart; dilapidated, shattered , misused : they call it art. Still beating ,despite the cracks, the splinters or the botched tape, I wonder ; will it let the light in or my... Continue Reading →

And when the scream does not reach your tongue and instead gets choked in your lungs What do you do ? And when the dreams turn into the nightmares where your bones are too tired to run What do you... Continue Reading →

How powerful can the written word be ? Powerful enough to move mountains and to break winds. Powerful enough to cut our tongues and shape our sins .

  Creator :- she is called as her ache bring upon rains With thunderstorms in her hair and lighting in her veins Destroyer :- she is called as hurricanes are born from her wrath , But she is the most... Continue Reading →

Let it go . Just let go. Remember, all  the grudges you keep ,the blaming and the regret you bottle up inside,will only fuel the tears you weep. It will hurt you. So learn to let go.  To breath.  -Notes... Continue Reading →

I am awestruck at how the warmth of his words from a million miles away, soothes the cold storms raging inside me . - Strenght of the heart / October 23,2017

And when the darkness in your chest devours you whole , you fervently pray for the day you shall find sweet release of the soul from all the pain within. -And that day will come / October 20th 2017

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