Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life

She was hurt at her lowest enough times to know that she must never let anyone see her cry. But as unforgiving life raged on, her eyes flooded again, just when she thought her rivers ran dry. -The dried rivers... Continue Reading →


​You are my Vesuvius,and like the gods of Rome awoke the earth, you shook my soul and led my heart astray; kindling my embers to grow as flames , boiling the blood in my viens , I fear I might... Continue Reading →

This frustration inside me was a tiny spark which then amplified into this fire that became all-consuming and the high pitched screams turned into helpless cries. The wrath I keep confined , if unleashed, will burn more hearts than I... Continue Reading →

My conscience is riddled with questions with answers I’m too afraid to face. When did I become this person? A person who cared . -Anxiety turning my own mind against myself / By Anjana (June 3rd,2017)

You are more than just your body; you are what is inside.

You wear your skin as your armor, against the numerous eyes, watching you, spectating, judging, blatantly staring, and more often than not the indifferent glares for your inconsistent skin tones. I know, darling, you were a victim of body shaming,... Continue Reading →

I believe in kindness, in softness, and in the healing power of our tears. In this loveless world that turn hearts into stone, the spineless cower under a facade of spite and silence. Know that , safeguarding your fragile, cracked... Continue Reading →

Darkness in her soul

She likes flowers and pastel colors, Believes in all pretty things and perfect lovers. Yet she possesses a darkness in her soul; Inbuilt black into her light; the core. She carries her burden in secret, not letting the world know,... Continue Reading →

A traveler’s heart

Under a Chinese sun and its endless blue skies, The bottom less ocean, ferrying busy lives; Sprouts beautiful islands of green in clusters; Which harbors life in such luster. The skyline emerging from slopes of brown and green With ancient... Continue Reading →

Happiness can be found in the most oddest of places. In the aftermath of a vicious storm, in a pair of brown eyes, on a very bony shoulder that held you, when you cried, and sometimes in the warmth of... Continue Reading →

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