Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life

I believe in kindness, in softness, and in the healing power of our tears. In this loveless world that turn hearts into stone, the spineless cower under a facade of spite and silence. Know that , safeguarding your fragile, cracked... Continue Reading →

Darkness in her soul

She likes flowers and pastel colors, Believes in all pretty things and perfect lovers. Yet she possesses a darkness in her soul; Inbuilt black into her light; the core. She carries her burden in secret, not letting the world know,... Continue Reading →

A traveler’s heart

Under a Chinese sun and its endless blue skies, The bottom less ocean, ferrying busy lives; Sprouts beautiful islands of green in clusters; Which harbors life in such luster. The skyline emerging from slopes of brown and green With ancient... Continue Reading →

Happiness can be found in the most oddest of places. In the aftermath of a vicious storm, in a pair of brown eyes, on a very bony shoulder that held you, when you cried, and sometimes in the warmth of... Continue Reading →

​In this world consumed by darkness, don't let your light sway or even falter, For darling, you should know that your blood runs thicker than water. -Blood thicker than water / By Anjana ( 4th May , 2017 )

My heart doesn't seem to bear the weight of your affections and the consequences it is doomed into, for its reciprocation. Consequences-By Anjana ( May 3rd , 2017) 

As a dull pain starts to throb at the back of our souls; time, distance and circumstances conspire against the universe to thaw our dry hearts apart. -Conspiracy / By Anjana  (29th April, 2017)

She loved fiercely, and was shattered to the ground. She picked the broken shards and made herself a crown. Her soul was made of fire with a face of glass. Rage her armor, from many; a desire, with intuition to... Continue Reading →

The only evidence that you own a body, with flesh and bones is the empty ache in your chest cavity; a dull thudding in the background as you float through space and time with an unnerving calmness. -Disassociation /By Anjana... Continue Reading →

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