Tumbles of my life

The little ups and downs of my journey through life

​In this world consumed by darkness, don't let your light sway or even falter, For darling, you should know that your blood runs thicker than water. -Blood thicker than water / By Anjana ( 4th May , 2017 )

My heart doesn't seem to bear the weight of your affections and the consequences it is doomed into, for its reciprocation. Consequences-By Anjana ( May 3rd , 2017) 

As a dull pain starts to throb at the back of our souls; time, distance and circumstances conspire against the universe to thaw our dry hearts apart. -Conspiracy / By Anjana  (29th April, 2017)

She loved fiercely, and was shattered to the ground. She picked the broken shards and made herself a crown. Her soul was made of fire with a face of glass. Rage her armor, from many; a desire, with intuition to... Continue Reading →

The only evidence that you own a body, with flesh and bones is the empty ache in your chest cavity; a dull thudding in the background as you float through space and time with an unnerving calmness. -Disassociation /By Anjana... Continue Reading →

Life’s purposes

I would like to believe that everyone has some purpose in this world. That they have been given this life, with their environments, circumstances, carefully timed incidents strung with curiously strange coincidences; for one or many reasons. Some are born... Continue Reading →

I am more than a he or she, I am made of stardust, and so are you. We are more than what others view. -Intoxicated confidence; provoked by the alcohol in my veins / By Anjana (March 15, 2017)

When you don’t understand your own turmoil, you try to pull at your strands of despair, in hopes of staying afloat; fighting against the exhaustion rather than drowning alone helplessly under the heavy darkness. -Depressed in a sunny world /... Continue Reading →


My brain perceives "responsibility" as word associated with negativity, especially when it comes to people. She bought the plant and nurtured it .She adopted a stray and took care of it. It is a huge responsibility... but my brain sees... Continue Reading →

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