Our greatest and the most singular instinct is self-preservation. In today’s world it may not be as physical as it was before, but all of us in these concrete jungles , strive for our own survival.When someone close to you stabs your back with the knife you trusted them with, you run to the nearest restroom you can, so that no one can see the tears streaming down your face . We are conditioned to believe that our hurt represent weakness. And in that moment of despair, we shun others , to hide the pain .Because they have taken advantage of our weakness more times than we can remember, and weak is not something we want to be labeled as. But darling , in that moment when we ache the most, and we know in our hearts that we are truly alone in this big , bad world; we all die a little.

-Its better to die alone than in the hands of others / Midnight Musings