You wear your skin as your armor, against the numerous eyes, watching you, spectating, judging, blatantly staring, and more often than not the indifferent glares for your inconsistent skin tones.

I know, darling, you were a victim of body shaming, for the tattoos on your skin that tells your stories, your wonderfully weird hair standing out in the crowd, your curves and your bones.

Perception, if not beauty, does lie in the eyes of the beholder, but darling know that people worth your time are the ones who chases your dreams, not your body.

The ones who vanquishes your fears, tolerates your tantrums, and embrace your imperfections as their own; or at least give a try to peek past your skin to glimpse the principles you embody.

The bill boards, fashion magazines, and business empires will constantly remind you ,of your flaws, for not fitting into the shoes of their impossible standards of beauty.

When will they realize that beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, skin tones, and choice of clothes, deep in the pursuit of profiting from our falling self-esteem like it’s their duty?

Keep your faith, my dear and don’t let them cave out your confidence, for it is worth much more than the numbers on your weighing scale.

Your pearly white smile, the tinkling sound of your laugh, the kindness in your soul, your patience with the unforgiving world, and keeping your promises without fail,

The wonderful shade of eye shadow you wear on your blue days, the smell of your strawberry perfume on a rainy day, and the vanilla ice cream you bought for that poor boy on the street;

Staring at the ice cream truck is what makes you beautiful, and not on how other people judge you based on what they just see.

You love handles or your bony hips don’t define you, and so does not your skinny arms, or your thick thighs, or the melanin levels of your skin.

Insecurity will try to bring you down, but you are the only one that possess the power of being uniquely yourself, so keep high your chin,

And love yourself and the others around you, for you have many things that most people desperately yearn for; people who you can call home;

The sunsets you can so peacefully watch, the smell of the first rain; the many more adventures to come.

And the many people you are yet to meet, many hearts you are yet to touch, and the stories you are yet to write;

Stay strong darling, in this raging world of glorious victimization, know that you are worth a thousand universes, with pretty stars that collide;

To create galaxies like the ones running through your veins, for you are more than just your body; you are what is inside.


-I have seen how concepts of body image and beauty standards can affect kids and adults all over the world , and being a person who has experienced this first hand, I know just how difficult it can be to become comfortable in your skin again. This piece is for the people struggling to learn to love the skin they are in.