Under a Chinese sun and its endless blue skies,

The bottom less ocean, ferrying busy lives;

Sprouts beautiful islands of green in clusters;

Which harbors life in such luster.

The skyline emerging from slopes of brown and green

With ancient monasteries exuding calm that can only be felt, not seen.

The towering Buddha seated on a peak was a sight to behold,

And so was the famous market streets with all the paraphernalia they sold.

And when I fell in love with harmony that exists

Between mankind and nature alike, that ecstasy that I so much missed,

Among the pink dolphins, the misty mountains, and towering buildings of glass

I knew that I will always have a traveler’s heart.

-My first ever travel journal was written in Hong Kong dated on April 2017, and absolutely fell in love with the place. Hoping on more adventures under different skies.