I would like to believe that everyone has some purpose in this world. That they have been given this life, with their environments, circumstances, carefully timed incidents strung with curiously strange coincidences; for one or many reasons.

Some are born to achieve greatness. Some are born to struggle. Some give and some take. Some are born to help and others to destroy. Some a born for more than one reason.

For a long time, I have wandered on wondering. But my intuition stirred when you so easily brought down my walls.

I finally believed; that in this cruel world against all odds, I was born to love you.

Even if we decide to go our separate ways, I know for now that I was born to love you the way I do. I choose to believe that one of my purposes in this world of hate was to meet you and consciously make a decision to follow my heart.

It may choose to fade away or burn as bright but it shall leave imprints that will resonate deeply within me for times to come, in my buried heart.


Life’s purposes: Excerpt from my brain’s 3 a.m. musings /By Anjana (March 20, 2017)