A dewy eyed child, walks into the cacophony of the classroom, and sees her, tucking the lock of wavy hair into the hijab woven onto to the tiny eight year old head of hers.

And the eight year old boy has that image imprinted onto his brain, forever, into his heart then and permanently to his mind till the end of time.

He would never forget how her eyes always looked down , the way she holds onto her books, clutching onto it tight as he watched her walk to class every morning for seven years,

Till the day he managed to make her feel jealous and she told him, the feelings were mutual, was the first night he couldn’t sleep.

He lay in bed counting sheep wondering about how his life changed overnight. His first love with all its extravagances; realized.

Happiness was a constant for the next two passing years, until she had to go with circumstance that stood against them for survival

He broke. His heart shattered into a million pieces in silence, and he never let anyone know. He took on many passing muses to ease the pain.

And then another wandering ignorant heart fell for him, blissfully unaware of his scars. She found beauty in his wounds, as she had never seen another heart before.

Realization struck her quite late when his scars encompassed her soul, that she became aware of how she could never be his first true love.

He might love her, to his capacity; sure she has felt it many a times  but those scars shall remain forever, and her love, despite of its depth and truth, would never be returned in full circle.

And how unfortunate it is, for her sensitive soul to empathize with an inexplicable magnitude, thereby unable to begrudge him for offering her a scarred heart,

Because; maybe if she could resent him, even a little; she may have some ease from the constant pain of not being able to absolve his unforgettable first.