People define what love is, and what it is not; conform and bind it into a tangible; to exist within our dimensions.

When a non-believer of such, is catapulted onto with force, which knows no bounds, to love so immensely, among volatile desire-rs and their mansions.

Feeling so intense, gushing through my veins, consuming me in a fire that coalesce two into one, communicating through languages , many.

For some, it’s through materials offerings, others, time spent together. A language form through conversations of the minds, feelings and ideas, a thought for a penny.

The most intrinsic of them all the language of passion, thunderstorms brewed by the hearts, when bodies collide and crash, their love paramount, expressed.

True in its honest form and most powerful at times of sickness and appearance of grotesqueness, for empathy from a soul is synonymous to this love, professed.

Two heart beats for a singular rhythm, with a unique longing as of a river to join her beloved ocean, waiting for their union.

Like the breathtaking moon, brushing her long silver locks, rising every night, in search of her sun; so bright for their catastrophic reunion.

Enduring sacrifices and compromises, through the blizzard and rainbows, the same, the entwined souls must withstand them all.

For they say love conquers all, love is patient and love is kind, it has the power to defy distance and time eternal preserved in the pining hearts, in comparison , so small.

Envious are the stars, in the midst of their glitter, beauty and shine, they watch from above the blue rock floating in space , with all the souls, the good and evil exists in harmony, they sigh.

For love is an elixir so potent brewed by the gods; the only emotion so beautiful solely possessed by the mere mortals, unaware of its entire potency, on earth, they lie.