Walking on the cool, powdery sand; I dip my toes into water as cold as ice and a shiver ran up my spine

The breeze so cold, put the ocean scent in my hair as a gift, for visiting them as an old friend would do, as mine

The sun brightly shone at me, warming my feet dipped in the ocean waters, a measure of hospitality for me, the guest

And as I walked through the waves glistening in the sun like diamonds would, I spotted a brown backed sea gull, which flew to the west

Couples holding hands, cuddled cozily in the sun, him promising her a future blotted with happiness, I see

A father photographing his baby daughter on the sand, filing the image of his love forever in his device, while the mother watches over the child cautiously

Sea shells, broken and jagged, some smooth and some ragged, spotted the earth, some in white and orange stripes

I picked up a few and watched my warm host, set into the horizon, through the faraway wheel, bright orange, deep red and yellow light

The beach; my therapist, my solace, has remained my confidant of tears for years many, the evening turned night sky

Stars filled, sparking against the dark, a yellow spot streaked across it, carrying a thousand passengers; an airplane fly

As the winds of winter proceeded to take over the land and the darkness crept into the shadows, the seagulls had their family uproars, without a care

Past them, the glittery boats swam up to life; I knew I would find comfort here, this place host by my old friends, the wind, the sun, and the waves; the place where I have the ocean in my hair.