Some say it is a spell, magical in sense, found in rarity, and to keep even rarer. To believe I did not, to exist n me I did not dream of, and against all the odds, you were in my favor.

Thrashing against the walls of my heart, the furious winds of yours were beating, shattering my glass panes, gushing into me, your fervor.

Your oceanic waves of ardor crashing against my calm, trying to rip across me standing in the dark, trying, to make me see your light

Streaks of lighting adorns the deep and dark sky, for you have awoken the thunderstorm in me, shaken me, took me by surprise, whit all your might.

Enlightened I was, to feel our love, so strong yet so serene, light the moonlight on the waves grazing the sand, ever so lightly, soothing.

A paradox in itself the raging storm of passion, encompassed within our hearts made of a thousand twinkling starts exuding tranquility, my favorite musing.

Blissfully unaware, our bodies are, of the potency of our love, so sweet and strong, for it can unleash disasters that could plague us, heavily.

And can endure the sands of time, be woven across centuries, but never fade, withholding storms hailing from the wrath of the gods, passing through steadily.

Emotions, raw and ripping through my heart, piercing into my veins, flowing into me, I am astounded, by the ability of mine.

To hold such a vast fortitude of your soul and mesh it into mine was not something I could conjure myself, but to keep a part of my soul for you I promise, my divine.