When you thought you were incapable of enjoying a moment, of experiencing a fleeting feeling to the fullest, bare and raw, through your nerves must flow.

There you sit, staring into the six a.m. blue sky, doves flitting across the morning half, interrupting the scrapers sky high and down low.

Music, soft, melodious even in stark contrast to your cell phone, kept so low, to avoid waking others in the adjacent room, sleeping sound, in the cool morning air, it floats.

In this calm atmosphere of the morning, so rare to be alone is joy found within yourself, nobody, not even your soul mate could empathize, the emotion, that through you, now course.

You now realize, why they say alone time is necessary among all those busy hours of keeping up with the social norms, running the rat race, pacing, to keep up with the impossible standards ,sweat dripping down your brow.

To see from your window, figures in slacks, out to enjoy their morning strolls, their coffee, and others in high buttoned up shirts and polished shoes, to work hard, to keep afloat their sustenance, their boat.

When most of the others haven’t arisen from their slumber so deep, exhaustion from the celebrating the commencement of a glorious weekend, binge straining the eyes, in the promise of distant dream lands instead of the alarm screeching

Sympathy flows to those who have to slave on the occasions; the gratuitous of the days of the year, for those are the souls who do not have the luxury of losing an entire night of sleep, just to be alone with your thoughts and yourself, on a lazy weekend morning. img-20161021-wa0003