Sometimes it’s okay to feel lonely, it’s okay to feel alone, it’s alright to cry out the tears, regret and sorrows.

With time, all the tears are sown back, and I will always hold your pieces to be knit together for the coming, happy tomorrows.

You have always been beside me, held my back, shared half a lifetime together, and will share the next half, I am sure,

Men, babies, distance, difference, even time does not compare, you are my other half, forever with me, secure.

I know for sure that we will endure life’s harshest troubles but I am positive that I have a hand, however thin to hold,

And I hope that you know that, you too will never truly be left alone, because I would be busy bringing out your irritation, uncontrolled

I pray that I never have to lose you to anything,

because to me , you are more than everything