Five years ago, would you have imagined that we could go through all of it, and still survive?

To imagine situations through which we were put through, and emerge out of them, not completely unscathed, but still alive.

We were those kids, deep rooted into our families and the cocoon of safety they built for us, to stay,

so that they would never have to see that twinkle of innocence ,from our eyes, fade away.

Little did they know we had to make our own mistakes, get hurt, bruises and burns.

For we weren’t just the delicate petals that swayed with the wind, but also the stem, rooted to the ground, deep and firm.

All the new world we drank in, tasted it, only to put our fears and doubts to rest, men and mistakes,

From it all , we’ve learned so much , adapted, changed, grown stronger, if I must say ,helped us ,all those aches.

To be able to give my heart, I did not know I had it in me, to have yours broken, and live,

to be stabbed on our backs, cheated, hurt, and judged ,all chaos, without each other close  by, we were able to forgive,

On our own we have fought struggles, before and many yet to come, but I tell you this,

we were those little shy kids, evolved to become strong women, to do ourselves justice.

To be able to handle anything thrown at us, by life,

we now can, definitely, for you are with me, us , side to side.

-my bitch, my skinny other half, I love you