All the way from home stranded in a hotel with strangers, Wondering whether I shall leave the country or not, tired, exhausted from all the carrying of bags and luggage, my only hope.

He, 3 and a half hours away, rushed to see me, sped on a bike with a friend, lights blaring, on the lonely dark roads, with the moon light, wind gushing at their ears , sweeping past his face.
He reached my hotel half past 12, straight from bed with a grey sweat shirt and floral blue shorts, the most cutest sight a girl could see in the middle of the night,
He was shivering after he drenched his face with water. He wanted something to eat and asked me to get on the bike for a ride. I hopped onto his mounted bike seat, on which I kept slipping off, on to him, because there was a slant. And on those lonely street light lit roads we rode, my mind gushing with happiness and satisfaction of having him around my arms , my chest pressing onto his back , his stomach on my palms, so soft and fluffy.
We reached a hotel, with a few people, bustling around, and ordered a black tea for him. I still couldn’t actually believe the fact that he came all the way from home in the middle of the night, so very unexpectedly, just to see me. My mind was in complete chaos. And then he smiled at me, and I was lost .He couldn’t believe himself for what he had done, and laughed that tingly laugh of his.
All I could do after that was hug him, and couldn’t leave him for the life of me.
Back at the hotel gates he spoke to me, slowly grabbing the small of my back, and putting my arms around his neck. I was so painfully aware of him next to me. Damn! His smooth, luscious neck. As we were speaking, the hotel authorities asked us to go inside the hotel gates, lest there be any other problem. They were friendly enough, to ask how he came all the way from home for me that was a huge relief.
His friend went away for a few minutes and we spoke for some time, his eyes drooping from the lack of sleep, and were red from the dust that flew into his eyes on the bike ride. My heart clenched as I saw the love of my life struggling to stay out of the layer of tire and sleep for me.
As his friend returned we sat in a lonely corner , heads touching, arms intertwined, almost hugging, every five seconds, talking about everything else when his friend is awake and about us when he goes to sleep, .
After his friend completely fell asleep , he slightly turned towards me, lips pouting, so close, I felt his breath on my skin, I touched my lips to his, so soft that I could die, his beard brushing my skin, Damn.
When he told he loved me, I felt so light I thought I would float in the air. I sucked on his soft tongue so moist, and he on mine, hugged so much my arms hurt. He flung his arm over my shoulder, grabbing me onto him, I felt so safe, so secure ,As he tightened his grip on me , I felt myself melting, at his touch,. He put his palm on my head and stroked my hair, and I felt invincible, He saw me close my eyes in pleasure, and he smiled back at me, and kissed me on my nose.
I don’t think I left any room on his face for me to kiss, – his cheeks his forehead, his neck, eyes, everywhere. We stared at the stars for some time, bodies so close and warm, him poking jokes about the entire situation, I couldn’t help but laugh. His love for me was unbearable at that moment. He told he would miss me, and would never leave me, ever. Promised he would be there for me, all the time, forever, and I swear, I could have died then, for there was nothing left for me to feel.
I felt a growing discomfort in my chest as our time together began to come closer to the end, so I begged him to stay, and I couldn’t for the life of me, bear to let go of his hand. He promised to come with me wherever I go , asked me to not worry,
That’s when I knew that I had fallen in love with him all over again. Three years and 8 months into our relationship, I was falling in love with him all over again. I knew in my heart that I was screwed.
At 3 in the morning, when they called to ask us to pack our things and leave, I didn’t have the heart to let him out of my sight, .But there he was smiling at me, asking me to go freshen up , Promising me he will wait there, not going anywhere. And finally I went upstairs, packed and came down, but by then it was time to leave. As I got into the car I saw him staring back at me, picking his phone to call me, telling me that he too had to leave, and as the car inched forward, I waved at him, and he told me he saw me, calming me down with his soothing words, I then let go of him, without any sadness, knowing, fully and completely that he is always with me, irrespective of the miles between us,
Always. Forever,
Our first night together

-May 15th 2015, my scheduled flight to Abu Dhabi was cancelled and postponed to 16th May 2015, and had to stay in a hotel that night. That night, on which he suddenly decided to come see me.