I know that there are a billion people in this world who drives and it’s just a part of like that goes unnoticed, normal-like walking or breathing. It comes naturally to most of us and even to the non-driving souls, like me it is an understatement when you say, it is not uncommon to see a human driving or been driven by someone. But once you are behind the wheels ,holding onto the steering to control the gigantic  beast of metal and wheels, something close to ecstasy comes to you .that feeling of control , that which comes when you know that u wield power it’s an indescribable emotion going through you.

I clearly remember when I was around 9 years old, my father, in order to obtain the driving license, had to undergo the usual series of practical tests and training under the government school of driving. One day he had a training session that started right below our building .Me, my mother and sister eagerly rushed to the window to watch my father drive, for the first time (for us) I watched the tiny speck of a man, my dad, walk across the street, and onto a car that looked tiny to me, standing five storeys above.

And I remember the sheer excitement of my 9 year old self jumping in awe to see that tiny car moving, and knowing that my dad was the reason that car just took off from the parking lot and moved into the crowded street below us. The tiny me was so excited that, I think a part of that scene was registered onto my brain (a rarity) ,I still remember that raw emotion to this day. Which is a surprise actually, since I have the memory span of a goldfish (3 secs).

But I do strongly believe that when a child perceives something strongly, or is impacted or affected heavily in any situation, good or bad, it will decide or the perception of that individual throughout his or her life. Childhood is where you can actually mould an individual and shape his or her character (at least 50% of it) .It plays a very important role in how that child turns out to be later in life.