Symbolism was something; I wasn’t fond of very much before. It was just a symbol, a representation of something. But not the actual thing. And I wondered why people gave so much importance to something non-existential.

And then I fell in love .It is funny, how your entire perspective changes within such a short span of time. I still surprise myself, when I realize, something that I didn’t believe in before, is something that I cannot live without now. I can’t cease to wonder on how things change so drastically and suddenly when you happen to fall yourself.

I have long ago, scoffed at the wedding rings and the thali (the chain worn by married Hindu women) and saffron mark on the forehead as just a symbolic representation of the marital status of a woman.

But after he happened, raging into my life, destroying my principles, my beliefs and my entire point of view on things, I now feel, rather than just to acknowledge, like how I used to before.

I now have feelings attached to everything materialistic or even actions, something that was so alien to me before. Strangely enough, I wanted to mark us somehow and I felt, weird as it is a ring for each of us, would do.

I got two rings, and we silently exchanged them. In a relationship approved by the society, it’s the guy’s responsibility on getting the girl a ring. But we were far from a socially ideal relationship. We are more of a support system, a happiness transferring circuit, than just two normal people.

And our rings truly signify our relationship. With time, its color has faded, like our excitement, but has become more beautiful than ever since it brings out the glistening stone in the middle. It’s always on our finger, whenever and wherever we go, on the important days and decisions of our lives, we shall always be there for each other, our presence will be felt by those metal rings of our love


Bound we are,

By a circle of metal,

Engraved in yours

is our love,

mine while holds the stone,

that glistens like your twinkling eyes.

Faded, worn out by time eternal,

once with luster the ring of metal shone.

The dullness speaks of the differences we’ve faced,

but our victory of the polish spoke.

Its endurance of our bond it speaks,

separated  by time and distance,

we always shine, as the reflection

of light on the stone.