– You receive in all forms, from everywhere, from all angles.

– Its horrible to hear them, infuriates you, and the most tempting way to react is to lash back

– I know it’s difficult to control, I know it’s easier said than done; trust me I know. But for the sake my sanity and your health please just please don’t.

-Promise me next time it happens, for me just for me, stop that instant, count to ten, think of me, only me„ how much it would hurt if you lash out.

-Think of the person above, and be the greater man., forgive the third person for his misdoings.

-Be happy that you were able to perform this  and let go , and know that in your heart that I will always love you for this, the most ,

And I very well know you have self control and is very much in check with your feelings, way better than me in emotional strength, I know , I do , but you see, as you say, we all are, but very human.

the things I really want him to listen to. Promises I want him to keep

Other than telling me everything, and going to bed without grudges.