A sizzling cup of clear, green tea, evaporating into tiny puffs of white, and as I take tiny sips,

the steam covers my black rimmed glasses, dangling on my nose, on the very edge, the tip.

My hair running along my shoulders, fluffy and smooth, the scent of lavender wafting around,

A foggy evening, with the wind so cold, a setting sun drops hues of pink, orange and purple into the clouds, through those a way was found.

Soft, woolly fabric of my shirt clung on to my chest, as I brace myself, the Christmas spirit oncoming,

A renewed energy in me, sprung up, in some sort of anticipation, my heart was drumming.

As I sat there, looking out the window, I drew out my life, thinking, I did finish the first half of the relay,

and what the future held for me and others I wondered, as a whole lot of time ,ahead of me ,lay.