Some things never change, and maybe, I find solace in the constancy of the taste of that beautiful brown chunk.

An anti depressive source in itself, just like love, brings memories, sweet and sour, it becomes addictive, and in it I would become drunk.

Big, small, squares or balls, milky or dark and everything in between is a form of joy, oh my, I think it is just like love

Dopamine releases, so it does, just like love, brings happiness, pleasures the brain, above.

In all its forms, solid or liquid, tastes heavenly, just like love, and for a moment you see heaven, a choke in your lung,

Just like love, you would want it forever, to last an eternity, to feel that dark cocoa sink into the crevices of your tongue,

A drug to me it has become, for some, just like love, addictive in the darkest form,

And just like love, its melts on your tongue, leaving sweet memories of sensations inside your cheek, the calm after a storm.

-A foodie by heart with an addictive sweet tooth