The entire world thinks you’re stupid and useless; a person who is not capable to do anything in her life. You realized you have let all the negative shade thrown at you by everyone, soak up your brain and turned out exactly how others have thought you are. Remember that person is not you.

  • First of all, stop letting all those comments get to you. Every time you feel like dropping something you are doing and giving up on life, clench your fist, hold your breath, whatever it takes to get that negative vibe out of your head and go over this moment when you promised yourself that you wouldn’t let these comments get to you.
  • You make mistakes. A lot of them… even if you are extra careful to not make a mistake… you end messing something else up …it’s just who you are … accept it.
  • Do not beat yourself up for a mistake. It is okay to feel sad when you mess up but once that is over, get up brush it off and start walking. Everyone else will make sure you won’t forget it. Instead remember what you did wrong and correct it every chance you get.
  • Accept the fact that you; making mistakes; is not end of the world. And by making them you become no less of a human being. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgive yourself.
  • Everything you feel, good or bad, happiness or sadness, is valid, no matter the reason. All emotions you go through are beautiful in a way, and can never be understood by anyone. And that is okay.
  • You do not have to justify how you feel to anybody but yourself. Try; just try to be true to yourself. You are what matters.
  • There will always be people to criticize you and put you down. Never let them get to your positivity.
  • Work hard and stop being lazy… Laziness is not your inborn trait… It is learned… so it can be unlearned. Work on that.
  • You are not vermin. (The fact that I need to write this down for myself , is the reason why I don’t trust word anymore) You are a human being with opinions of your own… and need not agree with everyone even though making enemies is something you really despise.
  • Go on a date with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Discover who you truly are.
  • Nobody will ever do anything for you, no matter what they say, it will always be you alone, against the world, at the end.
  • So if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t love yourself, who will?
  • Loving myself is a journey I have begun. It is believing in myself that I haven’t started…and I am starting now, taking with me, my self-esteem at level Zero… That must be fixed. Oh and also my posture, which is crooked.