He looks at me, like the stars look down upon us every night, lighting up the deep, vast of black sky, me, glowing under his shine

Taking my breath away, his coy smile ,soft ,juicy, pink rosy lips curve upwards resembling a fold of a rose petal, a thin line,

 lusciously darker rouge on the insides, fading into a lighter blush, open, to reveal a dazzling set of white pearls, with a prominent canine.

 Pale cheeks, rise against his face, adding to the miniscule lines, at the edge of his eyes, round pools of liquid moon, with a drop of liquid copper, blazing.

Soft locks of black, more than a few waves, flitting across his fore head, framing his crown beautifully paired with that chiseled jaw, my heart pacing.

The curve of his nose, the feel of his temple, his tiny stubble on his chin, all those features, amazingly sharp, come hitting me, like a wrecking ball.

Each elevation, ridge and crevice of his divine face, exploded in front of my eyes, crystal clear, my chest, on a heave and fall.

His scent, reminiscent, lavender mixed with the scent of the first rain on the dry scorched land, was dug up from my olfactory memory.

The sound of his voice, resonating, in my ear, so magnificent, and when he laughs, the vibrations, match the frequency of my heart in a hurry.

And at that moment of pure clarity,

I understood that he was my raison d’être, my reason to be.