Those little things of love,

you say, warms my heart.

Me and you be gone,

fused into us become.

Fixated on that idea I was you see,

emerged, as you showed me

with those little actions, of amour.

Slumber sacrificed, that you did,

to all my rants, with patience you slid,

The stars and seas did you cross,

for me ,my love, across.

I taste your tender affection,

in paradox with your fierce passion.

Long before two separate entities we were,

with cherishing love, became us a pair.

Two became one, for richness or for poor,

separation of our hearts, that will never occur.

Praying to almighty to save us from all,

for there are many ,who wish us to fall.

In peace, no regrets I will ever bear

no matter of the consequences which we fear,

Loved you I have truly, deeply, forever,

and will love you still ,being wherever.