The bustling parents rushing their children off to school, the busy workers flurrying towards a day filled with frenzy was a sight I haven’t witnessed for a few years now. There were laborers going about their hassle in a time that I haven’t had the chance to be awake for a long while.

All this excitement seems to be in contradiction with the slow morning breeze, cool and calm blowing my tresses away from my forehead. The cool air evaporates the sweat drizzling down my neck, as I try to join in the flurry of activity around me, slowly jogging. As I was trying to increase my heart rate, I couldn’t resist the urge of my heart to keep flowing into a peaceful trance as though, the need of the heat of excitement is simply wasted if the emotion you feel seeing the rising sun, taking a long cool breath into your lungs, relishing the scent of the morning air, wasn’t a part of it.

There is so much beauty in way the early rays reflects of the glass panes of the skyscrapers, twinkling .The subtle tunes of birds chirping and trilling away in these scattered trees are rarely heard in any other time of the day. There is so much lost and missed in this hurried daily life.

They say you need to work more, study more, and earn more. They also say as you go for all these “mores, the size, the number and the frequency of your problems also become more.

I wonder- What is the point of it all? Yes, there will be problems in our lives at some point of time, it’s inevitable. But as contradictory as I felt about the flurry and the calm of the morning, the problems will fade from our lives, changing us, helping us grow at some other point of Time.  

It’s like the sun rise, inevitable, bringing light, eliminating darkness from the world.