As I watch the stars rushing past me, out through my rolled up windows, in the beautiful dark, dense sky, flashes of memory, illuminates my frontal lobe.

There I was, three years into the past, sitting on a cold metallic bench with almost over fifty other twenty year olds,

Completely immersed in the tale which our teacher spun from the pages she held, stringing words into broken sentences,

Trying to explain the context, while walking around, ensuring everyone has their attention attuned to her, I looked on through my lenses,

And as she passed by me, I turned around, for clarity, to her speech, but as she walked out of my visionary focus,

I came heads on, with a pair of the sharpest, most piercing black eyes I’ve ever encountered, a wisp of a wind, a hush.

My heart stuttered for a microsecond, and then began pumping wildly, out of control, blood rushing into my veins, scarlet,

Sweat dripping from my brow, confused whether or not to respond to the staring pair of eyes, with electric currents flowing as my eyes to his, met?

The influence of those blackish brown vortexes, was far too great, that I had to break that contact, to regain control over myself,

Even though that encounter lasted barely seconds, I could see right into his soul, searching into mine, for answers that wouldn’t present itself.

I could still feel his eyes burning holes on my back, tapping, asking me to regain that eye contact, commanding my heart, not to stop pulsating.

And as I close my eyes , I come back to the present, relaxing into my seat, that flash of memory still deeply etched into my brain, I wonder what vibe, was I then ,emanating,

For consequences and coincidences, led to one thing another, to finally surrendering to those eyes, letting them take control over me,

To let me see his soul, and through his, mine, to lead him to engrave a deep, permanent mark into my life, and coin the word and meaning for “we”.