I do not know how many times I should apologize to you, till I would feel better, but eyes still sore.

Even though you started to tease me, it hurt, and telling me that I am unworthy is not a joke anymore,

I did lash back out at you, but I know the bad situations I am going through right now is no excuse,

I truly am sorry my love, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but my in my brain the electricity did get fused,

Waves of regret washed through me, it’s not about you but my stupidity, of course, the moment the words were out, and is killing me I swear,

I promise I did not mean what I said , and I keep praying ,oh please, don’t leave me my love, I wouldn’t be able to bear,

I know I am lousy, worthless, and basically useless, but I know this for sure that I love you,

more than anything in this world, and I shall from now  never lash out at you ,no matter what the situation is , the tear I will sew,

I vow to make you happy, and support you through our journey, to make us a happy life,

I assure you I have not changed; I am still the same girl you met, in our world, your wife,

I would never allow us to end with our own fights, nor give up on you, even if you cheat on me,

because I have become that parasite, without you I could not live , go mad like you did ,in your dream when I died, don’t you see?

I will always have those feelings for you, and even if you stabbed me with a sword,

I assure you, as I slowly lose my sanity; you shall always have a huge place in my heart, and down that road,

I shall always hold you when I sleep, on those green hospital sheets, and metal barred bed,

As I wonder why in this asylum of madness was I locked, because all I did was to love you and only a single tear was shed?

—:was going through a lot of bad situations, he teased me , I lashed out to him ,in the process hurting him, which in turn killed me, and I feel I am going mad, and one day I wonder whether I shall get locked up in an mental asylum …someday …..I am sorry my love, I truly do love you.