That Feeling of love wrapped around your heart, constricting, suffocating, won’t let you breath in peace,

Heat thrumming, excitement building, to the next moment of pure exhilaration, the mind almost need a leash.

Constantly reminding you, every minute of the day, every single second, that you are in love, and so is he,

And that unspeakable feeling of pure, unadulterated joy coursing through your veins, everything is crystal clear as you see,

In the morning ,rays of sunshine, glistening through your window, letting the dust particles sparkle, when all you can do is think of him,

The smell of the damp cool, air of the room, the sight of your wooden desk in front of you, you feel the heat of the sun on your arms, quiet dim,

Every passing moment, every feel, every sound you hear, every sight, becomes so magical, filled with his face,

his smile, his sound, his eyes, so intoxicating, you wish you had more of it, You walk around , the entire day , with his thoughts, in a daze,

As the nights closes in, you go to bed wondering, how he spent the day, wishing for a moment, you would get a little peace of mind,

Just enough to sleep, or even live your life, without him in your head, all that wondering, fantasizing, doing nothing else, you will then find,

That even in your dreams he shall be ever present, as he has done with your heart,

And slowly, ever so slowly, you shall let him inside your walls, and will start to pray, you both shall not fall apart.

– First love’s dizzying spell on me