We’ve been avoiding topics that conflicts for this long, those black holes purposely fading into the background, underneath the bed, piles

But how long does that remain there? As time passes by it slowly resurfaces into our lives,

black spots appearing on the silky white carpet of our happiness which was the only thing which we ever focused,

doubts hang heavy in the air about our future distant, laced with worry and possible regret, feeling hopeless.

Does it undermine what we have for each other or is it just my thoughts getting the better of me?

Questions, tons of them appear on the horizon, blurring everything else, and demanding attention, to see.

Fear runs down my spine, as I find no answers to those interrogations,

as anxiety floods my brain, when my doubts are confirmed, their affirmations.

Even though our hope together was thin, we balanced on it, our tight rope,

for three years, and more, I’ve known we traveled, up or down am not exactly sure, on slope.

I would rather fight, than put something as heavy as our doubts on our hearts,

I know it’s my streak of escapism, but I pray, oh lord, pray that all that we dreamed of actually lasts.

-Anxiety of a forbidden love