A feeling of intimacy, wrapped around my heart, keeping it warm in those cold, breezy nights,

tugging it ,when my heart wants to leap and bound off the sky or even drown deep into the ocean pits, with all its might.

My mind, so safe and sound, cuddled up in the long protective arms of yours,

washing away all my insecurities, your presence felt, the most potent of cures.

Each waking from my sleep into the day, I sense that I am not alone in this world,

for I have found a reason to continue with my existence, a soul to mine unfurled.

To know that you are being loved back with such intensity is raw awakening,

indescribable emotions pulsating through my arteries, I feel my soul ,feeding on your love, strengthening.

Something inside me, unknown, clicked itself to place, something set right, locked.

No more do I need reassurance of words or actions, or even physical presence, that wandering ship at bay is docked.

Knowing my happiness is your priority no matter the consequences, and yours mine,

the word love is not enough to hold what we feel, more than those love stories and songs, something divine.

A match made in heaven, two intertwined souls, two hearts that beat as one, all clichés, become irrelevant,

but that secure blanket of love ,with our fingers entwined, breaths coalescing ,our unspoken promise in the air, is resonant.

– When he said he cried dreaming of my death and opened up saying he would die internally if I weren’t there for him. One of the first raw confessions of true love from him.