An atheist of love, much less of true love, received my first true kiss, out of the blue.

He was walking away from me, out of the classroom, and so was I, when suddenly, he turned around, his eyes blazing, so fierce, my heart skipped a beat.

He rushed over to me, cupped my face with both his hands, and then, placed his heavenly delicious, warm lips over mine.

And instantly, I was ablaze, my heart pumping blood to my ears, cheeks flushing, red, hot, passion engulfing me.

All my nerve endings, were fired with electricity, so sensitive, I was consumed by a strange carnal rage for that moment.

It all lasted a split second. I have never been so aware of every fiber of my body, ever in my life.

I was left hungry for more,  as he took those exquisite lips away from mine, and took steps away from me, it was physically painful, to think of letting go.

And like a fool, in my daze, I begged him, pleaded, for one more, just one more second of all that ethereal magnificence bound in that magical contact of those lips.

He came back over, and let me relive that sensation, to let my blood burn with lust, my heart beat in passion, to let go of the world, to want to be in his arms forever,

From that moment on, I knew I was trapped, I knew it in my heart that I would never be able to let go, and that I truly have opened up to loving him. And that there is no turning back.

I have never been able to see things so clearly ever before in my life. It was like he was my first puff of heroin and your brain tells you that you shall never have anything better, and your blood pushes you to have just one more of that damaging puff.

You know you are addicted from that first puff, and unlike most level headed people at 19, I let go of all the worldly pains, and willingly surrendered to my heart.

And yet, after it was over, its memories came back to me, like a never ending epidemic. At the slightest thought, I would always feel a shiver down my spine, my tongue in a knot, and blood furiously pumped by my heart.

It took me almost over a week to completely recover from the daze I was in, by that kiss.

That is what it felt like, for me, to have my true love’s first kiss.