As I lie here,

every inch of the bed I know, the rain

shattering upon my window

the line between imagination and reality is blurred.

As I lie here, I can feel your breath,

caressing my skin,

I can feel the reminiscence of your touch.

As I lie here, I sense your warmth,

engulfing me ,protecting me ,

from the cold  dampness of the air.

As I lie here,

my cheeks pressed on your chest,

listening to your throbbing heart,

I am dazzled by your aura of love,

in which I float right now.

As I lie here,

the only source that tie me unto this earth,

tethering me to ground,

your pillars of hands, a paradox in itself,

strong yet soft, hard yet caressing,

find themselves to create,

to what I believe is my paradise.