He hails from an Islamic family with long trails of god fearing ancestors; I thought I understood his ways and beliefs since I grew up in a land where the majority was Islamic. Boy was I wrong. There are so many deep rooted beliefs in him that I could never have imagined.

I vowed that I would respect that in every way and would never interfere religiously, no matter what. But again proved myself wrong. During their Holy Month of Ramadan, the believers fast and pray, hoping to cleanse themselves from of their sins through prayers etc. I used to love that month because where I come from; it would be a special time of the year. All the working hours would get reduced, there would be special treats being sold at every food stalls at the evening, especially made for the festivities and breaking of their fast and lights would be up all over the city .It would be a beautiful month.

But hey, who am I kidding, its India I am talking about and there is nothing special about Ramadan here. It was just the daily routines with an added negative that he would not speak to me often and all that little love gestures would be cancelled, like those little flying kisses, winks, break-time chats, holding hands, everything, for an entire month.

He would at times avoid me, which made feel extra weird. Even though I respected the rules, I started to feel lonely .At times I would start complaining and moan about it even though I knew perfectly well that his love for me hasn’t gone anywhere. I would then keep track of the days till the end of the month, when I could touch him again and looked forward to all those little kisses. Yes, I am a very cheesy person that way.

But during the last year of college, I had gotten to know him on a deeper level, understood his ways and perceptions a little more, and my love just doubled towards him than ever before. I felt that I was always tough on him and he had stuck with me through the worst of my times and moods.

I then made a conscious effort to make his life a little easier .Turned out; the last Ramadan was the best of all. Since I promised myself I would not tamper with his emotions on fasting and me, I prepared myself to give him the space he needed for that month instead of smothering him with my feelings like I usually do . On the first day, I kept the promise I made to myself and let him be.

I knew he felt it .On the last hour of the day, he wrote me letter saying that he missed me, my smiles for him, my kisses, and my touch. He wrote me that he loved me and promised me that I would never feel lonely during the month.

As I looked up from the letter he was staring back at me, smiling and his eyes twinkling. I have never felt so much more in love. I knew from then that he would do anything to keep me happy, that he would be there for me no matter what.

It’s not the big gestures that show love, it’s all shown in those little things filled to the brim with love.