A whale inside my stomach was letting itself known, by rumbling away, embarrassingly enough, for him to hear it. Comparing the food shelves stacked with Indian sandwiches, and other snacks, hovered by a swarm of flies, occasionally swatted off by our canteen head ,to my empty purse in hand, I pleadingly looked at him , hoping he had enough money to buy me at least a tiny bar of chocolate, which barely cost around rupees 5. But when we reached the chocolate shelves, all the tiny bars were sold out, and only the ones that cost rupees 20 or more were available for sale.

And since I didn’t want him to spend all the cash he had, on just chocolates for me , I told him , I shall just have the tea he intended to buy ,and only that .He  then sat me down on a free table at the corner of the canteen and went to get  our. He got us our tea, and while I slowly sipped on mine due to its extreme heat, which almost burned my tongue in the process, he gulped it down in three mouthfuls. After finishing his last drop, he asked me to stay seated, until he returned, and I agreed. I thought he might head towards the washroom, and I continued sipping on my tea.

But in the corner of my eye, I saw him emerge from the canteen crowd, and disappearing again into it, talking to a bunch of guys’ .As I finished my tea; he suddenly appeared from the crowd with something in his hand. I didn’t notice that ,and  as I collected my purse, and prepared to get up , he slammed a 20 rupee Diary milk  chocolate bar on the table, much to my surprise. I was wonder struck and looked at him .He gave this smile, that literally strummed on my heart strings. I mean, literally. And when I later asked him why he bothered going through all that trouble of borrowing cash from others and getting me a chocolate bar, he said, nothing that I asked him would go in vain.

At times I really do wonder, do I really deserve a man, whose most prized priority is my happiness. I stay up at night, wondering, what on earth I must have done to deserve him, and such happiness.

I saved the wrapper.And all the wrapper of chocolates he bought me.img_20161107_165128844