All day passed by in a blur. Morning chores, afternoon lunch and evening laziness combined with more chores, all around,

Limbs heavy and sinuous, I drag myself around, swiping away the dust, going through the laundry, a huge mound.

Feeling low, bored and static, I make it till the evening, and then I hear, my loved ones distress.

Worry devours me, making me restless, nerve endings tensed, to know that I cannot do anything, to reduce their sadness, to make it less.

It has not a been a good day for me I thought, as I eased into my bed, mind blotted with gloom,

When I hear the door bell ring, late at night, wondering who it was, to bring more doom.

There stood four smiling faces, three with Santa caps and one with a guitar,

Offered us, they did, the carols of Christmas, with happiness and joy frosting, all about the path of the North Star,

Their spirit was infectious, smiles spread to me, genuinely surprised, how happiness found me,

at the end of a gloomy day, the god above chose ,to shine light on me twinkling, in different hues ,tiny, as we put up on our Christmas tree.