I lost myself in you, our love, our life, the idea of us,

I dissolved liked sugar in water, pampering you, like I would my baby, made such a fuss,

Little did I know, I was losing myself, my sanity, myself respect and the very being of me.

All of it, the troubles, needs, fears, situations, all of it, I put yours before mine. You were my first priority, don’t you see?

I just, couldn’t help giving all of me to you, unrequited, irrevocably falling,

never knew what I would  at the end, become, quite appalling.

For such an unlikely couple as us, a dew on a blade of grass, they said we would never last,

for we were nothing but worlds apart,

But here we are now, in much a stronger place, for now I know, the connection we share, there is no border, no fence,

as understanding of the other, streaks into our core, blurring deep into our very essence.

Lost myself, I was, blinded by my dreams, in the dark,

then along you came, with a lantern that lit my path.

Showed me, you did, to find myself, to cherish, to stand alone, strong,

only then, what we have, could ever flourish ,blossom, lifelong.

Your wound hurts me, more than mine, you pointed out, the fact,

which was the truth, and a mistake, I would try to rectify to my best, to myself and to you , I made a pact.

You make me a better soul, a dew that reflects the rays of hope, shining,

as you become my backbone, holding me through all, like that blade of grass, your soul to mine, entwining.

Even though I throw tantrums and fits, he holds me through all of it, and showed me I was being unreasonable, asked me to concentrate on myself rather putting him first all the time, to give equal priorities to my needs as his. Only then we shall reach our relationship goals .I love him more than I should.