1. His compassion for the disadvantaged.
  2. His bubbly personality.
  3. His respect for women.
  4. His love of kids.
  5. His love for his mom.
  6. His ability to break the ice.
  7. His smile.
  8. The goddamned eyes!!!
  9. The even more soft-like-hell luscious lips…its texture shape and what not….-_-
  10. His fingers… (I know, it’s weird to notice its shape and stuff but I love it)
  11. He notices all the small things.
  12. He brings me flowers mostly roses on every special occasion =D =D!
  13. His love for traditional oriented music and being unapologetic about it.
  14. His way of expressing his feelings through those songs.
  15. His tinkling laugh when I catch him doing something I don’t like.
  16. His ability to pull me from my depressions and mood swings.
  17. The fact the he gives me my space even though I don’t extend the same courtesy to him.
  18. The fact that he gets jealous when certain boys hit on me and I show interest.
  19. Knowing that he would cross the skies and seas for me and the fact that he already did that once. h
  20. Even though I am a bitch, he would never get angry at me, and does the best to keep everything between us.
  21. puts my happiness in front of his.
  22. Neck kisses =)!
  23. Tucks my loose strand of hair behind my ear. =) [very rare but loves when it happens]
  24. Way too selfless.
  25. His endurance of my silly rants even if he had his last straw of the day, he listens to what I have to rant about even if I have nothing important to say.
  1. And the Last but certainly not the least he understands me, my every moods, every emotions and all my situations

He’s not perfect, but I have found my perfect match. =)