Oh, that scent. That scent hit me with a wrecking ball of memories, of feelings and thoughts, rather than events,

That crisp scent, made me flush, my mind heavy with the work held before me, to be done, a bar  or a fence,

To my happiness, my freedom, devouring up my time that I spend awake, talking to her,

anchoring me from falling into the dark pits  of depression, my worst it brings out, all my anger,

To later, my regret, foolishly acting upon my wrath, brought the consequence of being adolescent,

they say I am nothing more than mood swings and mixed feelings, Not even thinking about how those words felt to me , or even meant.

The rush of emotions, ying and yang, let me on, dreaming and hoping for a future, that would eventually

Never work out the way I half imagined it to be, wringing myself and my heart out dry, seemingly

becoming a burden and distraught to others who bear me, those tiny specks of dust, and the scent that it carried

By the wind, from turning the pages of never before opened book, struck strongly, resonated within me, for to those late adolescent memories, it was married.

Oh that scent .That scent of a newly opened book of text.


The memories  of thoughts and feelings fleeting before my eyes, as I smelled the new 12th grade CBSE textbook, my sister opened to study.Mine had the same exact scent.Wonder how a simple scent can bring back so many memories.