The memory of our first acquaintance has vanished from my brain, and that’s how far back we have known each other from.

My rock, my fortress, my string that holds me to the ground. The worst of each the other has seen and experienced, vowing to ease the numb.

A strange connection formed between us, but I don’t see a distinct line, no signature, no evidence  of our hidden promise of faith in each other.

Undisputed we were on our differences, respected, our view on things different or similar, listened hours, days, weeks, months, years, one after another.

All our feelings, emotions we know ourselves better, other than our own. Every dialogue, reactions, priorities and our fears, the dark most, we have shared.

Inside out, every detail, single and sparing, has been told, to the other, not afraid of being judged or disowned, our souls to each other we have bared.

To cry on, I will always seek her shoulder, to hold on, her hand. To entrust upon with my secret, when no one else is there. There is no joy, I found,

in being happy alone, but when she is there beside me, my strength knows no bounds.

With her I know for a fact, we can go through the most diring of struggles, and no amount of pressure can unchain our iron bonds. Our lives were sown together,

but fate loosened the strings in the middle. We wondered how time and distance would affect us, even feared, the strings would one day break, but then we realized, it will never.

For our strings were melded by iron, and change, no matter what, doesn’t stand a chance.

Formalities there are none, but an occasional poke to see if the other is dead or maybe in a trance.

Closer than sisters we’ve become and to our mothers the same, the other’s house more homely than our own.

Our fair share of traps, blunders and mistakes we’ve been through, like a patch of embroidery, as I said before together we were sown.

We are a soul in two bodies, yes, I know that sounds cliché, truth be told, I am searching for phrases for us to be defined.

All I know is for sure that she will be there beside me, regardless the consequences, there will always be a person to hold onto, to give my mind.

The times have changed, and evolved we have, through our tears and laughs,

But my fortress she will always be, my other half.