The city lights gleaming against the backdrop of the night sky,

filled with twinkling stars, a million miles away , like little diamonds in the vast expanse of the universe, shining strong, till their light reaches our eye.

The busy cars moving by the lanes become a blur,

as I take a brisk walk ,on the pathway cherishing the climate, listening to those cute stray cats with melting eyes purr.

As I inhale the cold air into my lungs,

I sense a feeling inclining towards patriotism or happiness, I just couldn’t figure out, but was sure a vibe with positivity in abundance.

I could feel the most beautiful of winds, caressing my skin, blowing my tresses onto my face, pushing me forward, helping my stride.

It whispers the stories of the people of the city, and through it I see the trees communicating, rustling their leaves animatedly towards each other, an amusing sight.

The feeling of exuberance comes over me,

as I walk among a lot of others ,an unexpected ray of hope is what I see.