Who are you and what have you done to me. What you did was to undo me, like unfurling a long lost secret scroll,

all dusty and moth eaten, just like my frontal lobe. You evoked in me, feelings I never imagined existed in my soul,

unleashing something into the unknown. I never knew that I had in me, so much to love and feel; in me you melted a stone heart,

and nourished it like your own. You showed a different universe; where love reigned over all, and made me believe in this drama of life I actually had to play a part.

We have had our ups and downs, which I measure a down with ten other ups, but by all means I truly feel what we have is perfect,

with all its flaws, so surreal, dreamlike even, and now I finally realize what all the poems and stories which once did not have on me an effect.

In the term “soul mates”, I did not believe, for one,

I did not know I had a soul; much less I needed a companion.

But then you barged into, or say, bombarded into my life, crashing my walls, into my mind, restless and chaotic to my once solitary calm being,

showing me, teaching me how to see and feel a whole new universe, that you brought upon me, our haven, for us to be, living.

You make me feel many emotions in a moment, something that I don’t have the capacity to conjure, all by myself,

and the ability to increase the tempo and throbbing of my heart with your slightest effort, your glance, your smile, your touch, like no one else,

ever before, has there been to tingle my spine, with those moist, soft ,like the texture of rose petals, the goose bumps inducing kisses on the neck.

Imagination could not be a possibility, for the feelings you show me, through your eyes, your actions, everything that courses through my veins when your lips to my cheeks peck.

This connection we have, so true and pure, scares me as I am the little child cowering under my sheets, in fear of that monster in my closet, who might come to snatch away my soul,

I shiver at the thought of us being apart; because I know then I will combust as easily as coal

I rather not hover upon that doom that might happen, but instead escape into our world, where you make my heart so full , that it overflows ,

And with you I want to wake to a thousand rising suns and more, and to the rhythm of your breath, chest and heart, at night, in the luxury of the warmth of your body to mine enclosed by your arms, I want my eyes to close.

Always, Forever, I want us to hope,

for Eternity is with what I want  us to elope.